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AE 124.  1934 “Late winter homemade ice cream”  Berton Williamson, Martin D. Ulmer, Sophia Heim Ulmer, and Erma Catherine Ulmer Williamson.

AE 125.  Erma Ulmer Williamson, 18 months, November 1897

AE 126.  Cousins, circa 1898.  Verna Ruby Heim Coons (age 3) and Erma Catherine Ulmer Williamson (age 2 ½)

AE 127.  Erma Ulmer Williamson and her Grandmother Catherine Ulmer (Mother of Martin, Emmanuel, Sarah, and Israel Ulmer)

AE 128.  A. Catherine Shaffer, 1926, 91 years old.

 Send Us Your Photos

Family photographs are an important part of our heritage, and I am sure many of you find those that we publish interesting. But photographs have a way of disappearing and are lost forever.

The Historical Society is attempting to collect these photos. Please make a special effort to send us photos of people and places so that we can preserve them in a central location. If you send them, we will copy and return them. Better yet, since there is always a chance of their being lost in the mail, you might make copies and send them along. If you have pictures from digital cameras or scanned in pictures you can e-mail them or send them on disk or CD. Larger more detailed files are best.

Please write identifications on the back! Send them to Penn Colony Nebraska, 71329 638 Ave., Dawson, NE 68337
(or bring them to the picnic). Thanks. -KMH

The pictures on the following pages have been formatted for web viewing. Larger and more detailed files of some of the pictures will be made available on CD. For more information please contact Bob Williamson (See 'About Us' page for contact info)

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